Basketball Legends

Basketball games are too familiar to you, right? Do you want to explore the latest basketball games at Two Player Online Games? Let’s give it a try and it won’t make you disappointed. This game is rich in game modes that include 3 main modes with several modes. You have Quick Match, 1-player mode includes Tournament, Random Match, and Training, and 2-player mode includes 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 matches.

Whichever mode you choose, your goal is the same which is to win over the opposing team. You can compete against the CPU or your friends on the same device. To win each match, you have to take advantage of any chances to score and try your best to stop your opposing team from scoring. It’s hard to perform cool dunks but after playing several times, you can figure out the secret to help you dunk successfully.

Remember that a match in this 2 player sports games lasts only 1 minute. After time runs out, the team that has more scores is the winner. Do you see something on the top of the screen? If the super shot bar is fully loaded, you can use the special dunk from wherever you are standing and it will never fail 100% success. Of course, your opposing team can also use that special dunk and you can’t stop that.

So, try to make use of it whenever you have a chance and stop your opposing at all costs from scoring. Enjoy this game and other fun options such as Dunkers Fight 2P and Street Basketball.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: WASD = move / jump, XZV = slap / throw / dunk.

Player 2: Arrows = move / jump, KL = slap / throw / dunk.