Minicars Soccer

Why do 2 cars appear on the soccer field? What do they do there? Well, they are playing soccer and you are the one who controls one of them. Are you ready to kick the ball into the goal with your car? Minicars Soccer is available at 2playergame online waiting for you to show off your soccer skills. You can compete against CPU or one of your friends on the same computer. Before starting your very first match, you can pick your favorite car from several options. Each car has a specific set of Max Speed, Acceleration, and Steer Speed.

You can test the cars before making a decision. After choosing a car, you can select one of three ball sizes including Large, Medium, and Small. Now, if you get ready, it’s time to show off your talents. Your main objective here is to score 5 goals first to become the winner. There is no limited time here. When one player gets 5 scores, the match ends. You control only one car on the field.

This car plays as a striker and a goalkeeper. It means you’re responsible for scoring and blocking your rival from scoring. Sometimes, you will see some small circles on the field. They are 3 bonuses Slow, Fast, and Stop. Drive your car through them to pick up them. These special items will help you defeat your rival easier. Depending on the bonus you collect, it can make your rival move faster, slower, or stop. Yes, they give you a lot of advantages to win over your opponent. Of course, your opponent can make use of those items as well. Have a great time here and don’t forget to check out other cool 2playergames sports games such as 1vs1 Soccer and Soccer Pixel.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 :Uses arrow keys.

Player 2 :Uses WASD.