Darts Pro Multiplayer

Darts Pro Multiplayer is finally available at 2player. It’s simple, challenging, and addicting. This game offers 3 different modes including Multiplayer mode where you can compete against an online player, Play against CPU and challenge one of your friends on the same device. Your main objective in 3 modes is the same. It is to decrease your starting score of 501. The final dart must land in either the bullseye or a double segment to win.

You have 3 darts each turn. The dart will move from the left to the right. You have to make the first click or tap to make the dart stop moving. Then, you aim and throw the dart. Try your best to throw the darts at the bullseye. With the final scores, you will find it hardest because you have to decrease the score to zero while you have to throw the final dart at the bullseye or a double segment as mentioned previously.

How many games of darts have you played at 2 player sports games before? Most dart games on our site bring you a realistic experience and this option is no exception. It has physical-based gameplay. Where the darts land depends on your aiming and throwing ability. However, that ability can be improved over time. Like other games, the more time you spend practicing, the more experience you have and the better you play.

Challenge yourself, challenge the CPU, challenge your friend, and other online players as well. However, make sure you practice first before you compete against any online players. Enjoy your time here and don’t hesitate to explore other cool games such as Darts 501 and more and Disc Duel - Gumball. Stay tuned to welcome new games added every day.

Who developer game? Darts Pro Multiplayer was developed by Code This Lab S.r.l.

Instruction to play:

Tap the screen to set the starting position, direction and strength of the throw.