Boxing Random

Boxing Random is one of the long-awaited games by many players at 2 player sports games. Yes, it welcomes all of the boxers in the world. It’s finally here and this means that it offers a mode for two players besides the Single mode. You can choose to compete against CPU or your friend. Whatever mode you choose to play, your ultimate goal is to get 5 points first to become the winner. To get 1 point, you have to punch your opponent’s face. Are you curious about what the random word in the title of the game means?

Well, you guys start each round with something randomly that helps you get 1 point right away if you know how to make use of it. Sometimes, you get long arms, rocket punches, icy features, and so on. Both of you can use those features to defeat your opponent. Usually, you have to get close enough to your opponent to punch them. However, with those random power-ups, you can knock out the opponent without getting close. You will find it so simple but attractive.

This 2playergame unblocked has 1 button control and addicting gameplay. You use only one key to control your character to jump and punch. However, because of that simple control, it’s not easy to avoid being attacked. Besides, a round can end very soon. And it mostly depends on how fast you throw your punch and how accurate it is. It’s not a turn-based boxing battle; therefore, you can punch your opponent whenever you have a chance. Don’t wait for them to punch you, then you punch them. If you like to play more boxing games like this one, you are at the right place. Here, we have so many choices for you. For example King of Boxing and Drunken Boxing: Ultimate are some of them.

Who developer game? Boxing Random was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses W, and Player 2 uses up arrow key. You can play the game by touch controls on mobile devices or tablets.