Super Pongoal

Super Pongoal is an addicting soccer games that you won’t enjoy it in the usual way. Instead of controlling a football player or a team of 11 players to run around on the field and score, you will control the goal to shoot the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Before starting a match, you can customize some stats including Field, Ball, Ball Speed, Round Time, and Difficulty. Within the chosen amount of time, you have to try your best to score as many goals as possible to win. You can compete against AI or your friend on the same computer.

The gameplay is something like a brick breaker game in which you move the paddle to catch the ball and make the ball bounce up to break bricks. Here, you move the goal and try to catch the ball all the time. You can only move the goal up and down, not back and forth. If you miss the ball, your opponent gets 1 point, and vice versa if your opponent fails to catch the ball, you get 1 point.

This is one of the most unique football games that you can find at 2 player games online. It’s unique in gameplay and control mechanics. You will be captivated by its uniqueness and difference. It’s so simple but addicting and challenging at the same time. You should set a short Round Time and choose the Easy mode first. Once you get familiar with everything, you can increase the difficulty. What do you think about this game? If you are looking for such an amazing game like this, you are sure to find uncountable options on our site. Here are some 2playergames sports games that you shouldn’t miss Minicars Soccer and 1vs1 Soccer.

Who developer game? RE GAMES developed this game.

Instruction to play: