Squid Fighter

Squid Fighter is another fighting game at 2 player online games in which you will meet familiar characters from a popular movie series. They are Squid Game participants and guards. Here, you won’t bet your life to get a huge prize. Instead of joining several survival games, you will directly combat against the guard. Are you ready to knock out him? Fight for your life. You win or die. That’s it.

This game offers 2 game modes including 1-player and 2-player modes. In the 1-player mode, your opponent is CPU and in 2-player mode, your opponent is one of your friends and you guys will play this game on the same device. Whatever game mode you choose, your ultimate target is to defeat your opponent. To make it, you have to attack and defend at the same time. Defend yourself when your opponent gets his chance to attack and attack when you get a chance.

Here at 2playergames.games, you can kick him, punch him and even use your special attack to make him run a lot of HPs. However, you have to watch out for your opponent’s special attack as well. Don’t let your opponent attack you continuously. At that moment, you will find it hard to turn the tile. Once your kept being attacked, there is a high chance that you will lose your life without any chance to protest.

So, be prepared to deal with your opponent. Grab any chances to punch and kick him to make him run out of HP. Enjoy it and play other fun games such as Stick Fighter 3D and Stick Warrior Hero Battle.

Who developer game? Squid Fighter was developed by Hihoy.

Instruction to play:

Pink player: uses WASD to move, F to punch, G to kick and R to use the special attack.

Green player: uses arrow keys to move, L to punch, K to kick, and O to use the special attack.