Mahjong Big

Mahjong Big is a cool free online version of the popular chinese puzzle game at 2player for free games. Your goal in this epic majjong is to collect as many stars as possible on every levels. You earn1 star if you finish the level, a second star if you do not use hints, and a third star if you finish the level in a limited time. 

This game is all about observing and matching tiles to remove them from the game until you clear the table. With over 4 000 levels and fun graphics, this mahjongg game, is simply one of the best 2019 games. Search for tiles with the same figure on them in order to unravel other tiles under them. Start your majong tour with "Mahjong Big" and become the king of mahjong in the most famous chinese game. Be careful, you will lose if you find yourself out of options, so find out which tiles to remove first. 

Along with fun friends and experience the game, you will love it. It's great if you can experience more of some other similar games Puzzle Fuzzle and Defuse The Bomb! at Spending time playing the game, you will have moments of relaxation in life

Instruction to play:

User the mouse to play this games