Tower vs Tower

Your hand-eye coordination and skills will be tested in Tower vs Tower. It’s another game for 2 players but it’s still playable by one player with Single Player mode. Your main objective is to build a perfect tower with 5 blocks as fast as you can. Building 5 towers faster than your friend or AI and you will win. To make it, you drop the blocks that the helicopter brings to you and stack them up until a tower of 5 blocks is built. You have to drop the block at the right moment to keep your tower neat and balanced. Otherwise, it can’t fall. It’s ok if the next block doesn’t stack up perfectly on the previous block. As soon as 6 blocks stay still and you’re faster than your opponent, you win 1 point.

As you advance, the game becomes more challenging just like other level-based games at 2 player online games. The flying speed of the helicopter increases and the base becomes smaller. You will find it harder to stack up blocks and keep them stay still. Don’t rush. Time is unlimited. You just need to be faster than your friend or AI. Be slowly and steadily stack up 6 blocks. Practice makes perfect. It’s never wrong. The more you play, the better you build the tower. The more you play, the better your timing skills. Timing is the key to winning. Time your tap or click to drop the next block to the previous ones.

This 2playergames puzzle games has simple but hard-to-master gameplay but it’s sure to give you hours of fun. The game is more enjoyable when you enjoy it with your friend just like other games for 2 players on our site such as Gold Miner Bros and Two Ball 3D Dark.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

The red helicopter uses W

The blue helicopter uses the up arrow key.