TNTcraft is finally here at 2player games for kids. It welcomes you to the most epic bomb battles ever. Do you want to join and bring victory home? It’s all about a fight between Player vs Zombies or Players vs Zombies. It means you can battle against zombies alone or play game with your friend on the same device. Your main objective is to kill all zombies to win. To do it, you place TNTs. At first, you will be blocked by cubes. You have to blow up these cubes first to open your way. And when those cubes blow up, you will collect something special and useful including Add Health, Add Bomb Force, TNT+1, Add Speed, Freeze, Undead, Switch Positions, and Kill All Zombies. It's not easy to kill zombies at all because there are many of them. They will trap you together and kill you. So, watch out for the TNTs that you place, and your enemies place. You won’t die if you get damaged for the first time but you will lose some health points.

The key to winning in this is to trap each zombie in the corners or cubes. Then, place a TNT to block their way. Keep in mind that after you place a TNT, quickly run far away from it to avoid getting damaged even though you can recover your HP with Add Health power-ups but those special items are rare. You have 2 game modes and 4 different maps to explore. There is no limited time in each match. The one who runs out of HP first is the loser. Plan your moves to keep yourself safe and take the zombies’ life. Have fun and enjoy other amazing games such as Super Raccoon World and Minicraft: Steve And Wolf Adventure.

Who developer game? TNTcraft was developed by emolingo games.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: uses WASD to move and T to place TNT.

Player 2: uses arrow keys to move and P to place TNT.