Desert City Stunt

Are you looking for a new racing game? Desert City Stunt at 2 player games unblocked is waiting for you with 2 different game modes and a 2-player option. Here, you can play the Racing mode with 6 different races or Free Driving mode alone or with your friend on the same computer. Now, let’s discover each game mode. In Racing mode, you will have a chance to show off your skills in 6 races. You start with the first race and if you can cross the finish line within a given time, you win and you can move to the next race.

Otherwise, you have to play that level once again. Yes, each level requires you to reach the finish line within a certain amount of time. You should check the time to speed up and make use of ramps to jump over the gaps. Be careful each time you do a stunt or a jump. Because you may fail to land. The racing tracks are in the air. So, if you don’t stay focused, you will easily fall off the track. Remember that you won’t race against anyone in Racing mode with a 1-player option. Your rival is time. With 2-player options, you will compete against your friend.

What about Free Driving mode at There, you are free to drive around the desert without doing any missions. You can only earn money in the Racing mode. If you clear each level, you will be rewarded with money and use that money to unlock new cars. That’s all about this game. Give it a try, then play other awesome games such as Monster Truck Extreme Racing and Death Race Monster Arena.

Who developer game? Desert City Stunt was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, N for nitro, B to look back.

Player 2 uses WASD to move, T for nitro, C to look back, and R to respawn.