Two Cubes 3D

Two Cubes 3D is a simple but challenging game in which you will start the most memorable endless journey of your life. You take control of a cube to slide through an endless tunnel filled with obstacles. Your ultimate goal here is the same as in other endless runner games that you have played at 2 player games. Try your best to go to the furthest.

The tunnel is square-shaped. You have to jump to the other side of the tunnel to avoid crashing into red cubes inside that tunnel. If you hit one of them, your journey ends. You can play this game alone or race against your friend on the split screen. In 2-player mode, you and your friend will compete on the same device. The one who goes further is the winner. Join the exciting journey at Two Ball 3D Dark, which gives you the same exciting feeling as this game brings.

The game becomes more challenging over time as the moving speed of your cube increases and more obstacles are placed there to take your life. The increasing moving speed means that it’s harder to control your cube to avoid obstacles. Your hand-eye coordination and your reaction must be fast. Otherwise, you can’t set a great record and break it.

You have to stay focused and look at the screen all the time to deal with every obstacle successfully. What happens on the screen can make you dizzy but you can’t stop or slow down. It can be hard at first but after a few times playing, you will get familiar with the game and your performance will get better. Let’s see what is your best record.

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Who developer game?

RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

AD and right/left arrow keys.