Two Tubes 3D

Two Tubes 3D is another endless runner game that you must try if you want to test your reaction and your hand-eye coordination. Why? Because it puts you in a challenge that you have to stay safe as long as possible without any help. That’s your ultimate goal. This tube has 8 sides. You have to jump to the safe side to avoid hitting the red spikes. If you hit one of them, you have to restart your adventure. Everything sounds simple but after a few seconds, you will soon find it challenging as your moving speed increases over time. The faster you move, the harder to handle and the farther you go, the more points you get.

One unique feature that you rarely find in other endless runner games at 2playergame is that you will play in first-person vision. This gives you an emerging experience and a thrilling feeling. You can enjoy this game by yourself in 1-player mode or compete against your friend on the split screen. If one of you collides with an obstacle, the winner will be found. You will feel dizzy when you look at the screen. You should look at one point on the screen to avoid that feeling.

This game doesn’t offer any special items. It’s all up to you to get a high score. You may find yourself dying soon the first time you play but by spending time playing, your skills will get better and your achievement will improve. Show us your best score. Have fun and keep in mind that you can challenge yourself in hundreds of games at Puzzle Games. that also offers 2-player mode such as Two Tunnel 3D and Two Ball 3D Dark.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

A/D and left/right arrow keys.