Glowit - Two Players

Glowit - Two Players is an exciting and challenging game for 2 players at Puzzle Games. You and your friend can play with each other in 12 mini-games in total. Yes, you heard it right. There are 12 different challenges and you will spin a wheel to decide what game you guys will play. Each time you spin the wheel, a game will be randomly chosen. You may play a game several times in a row or enjoy a different game each time. It can be a basketball game, a brick-breaker game, a racing game, and so on.

Your ultimate objective in 12 games is to get more scores than your opponent or reach a target score first to win. Your skills will be tested in different ways. Every single mini-game will keep you hooked by its gameplay. The control mechanics are also simple because each game offers easy-to-follow instructions. You can master it right away.Besides, if you want to deal with new challenges, Two Tunnel 3D and Two Ball 3D Dark. are for you.

In each game, you and your friend will take turns to play. Basically, there is no time limit and to win, you just need to time your action. If you take action at the right moment, you will get a score successfully. Do not rush. Your very first try may fail but from failure, you will gain experience and player better and better.

If you are looking for an amazing 2 player games to enjoy with your friend on the same device in your spare time, this one can be one of the best choices. You won't regret spending your precious free time on this game. Have fun and don’t hesitate to explore new gaming worlds in other cool games such as Two Cubes 3D and Two Tubes 3D.

Who developer game?

Shared Dreams Studios developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Drag left mouse button to play.