Moon City Stunt

Are you ready for a journey to the moon? You won’t fly to that planet on a spaceship because Moon City Stunt brings you there and you can start your adventure with a cool car. You will have a chance to drive around at high speed to discover this city or join the most exciting and challenging races ever. This 2player car games offers 2 game modes including Racing and Free Driving mode with 2 player options and 5 vehicles. You can race against time and roam around the city on your own or enjoy this journey with your friend on the same computer.

There are 5 amazing tracks in the Racing mode. Your ultimate objective is to reach the finish line within 60 seconds. If you fail or you fall off the route, you have to restart that level. The routes are insanely challenging. You easily fall off the track if you don’t stay focused or fail to control the speed. Speed is an important factor to win the race. However, sometimes, you should slow down to pass the obstacles, then you can speed up again.

In the Free Driving mode, there is no mission or limitation. You are free to drive around and play some mini-games while driving such as bowling or soccer and conquer some challenges such as spiral roads, ramps, and more. You even can adjust the gravity on the moon to experience a zero-gravity environment. It sounds interesting, right? So, what more are you looking for? Start your car and satisfy your need for speed. More racing and driving games are waiting for you  at 2playergame unblocked. Some of the best options are City Car Stunt 4 and Mini Rally Racing.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses arrow keys to drive, N for nitro, B to look back, and Player 2 uses WASD to drive, T for nitro, C to look back and R to respawn.