Archer vs Archer

Archer vs Archer is the latest shooter games that will keep you hooked with its enjoyable gameplay. It features 3 game modes including Running Archer, Mountain Archer, and Archer vs Archer. However, Running Archer is not available at the moment. While waiting for it, you can enjoy your spare time in Mountain Archer and Archer vs Archer mode first. In each mode, your main target is to defeat your enemies first. The way you do it at each level is different.

In Mountain Archer mode, you will run forward and shoot at enemies. You will find it hard at first because attack accuracy will be reduced as you move. You can’t stop. You will run and pass an enemy and get shot by several enemies at once. You can be killed by enemies as well; therefore, you have to kill them first. If you get shot, you die and you have to restart this game mode. In Archer vs Archer, you control a team of 3 archers to compete against several enemy teams. Before starting the battle, you can choose how many enemies you want to deal with, from 1 to 99. With the number that you chose, you must kill the corresponding number of enemies. When you reach that number, the game ends and you can start a new match.

Like other arrow shooter games that you can play at 2player games, you have to aim and shoot accurately if you want to kill your enemies on the first try. Practice makes perfect. It’s true in the game. The more you play, the better your shot. Good luck and don’t hesitate to check out other cool 2player archer games and here are some options for you Arrow of Janissary and Stick Archers Battle.

Who developer game? howardfrancisdavies developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Use Mouse.