Extreme Blur Race

The racing game category is always upgraded with new additions which are hand-picked options to bring players the best racing experience ever. This time, let us introduce you to the latest option that you don’t want to miss. Its name is Extreme Blur Race featuring two game modes. You can play against 7 racers controlled by AI with the Arcade option or against time with the Time Trial option in Single-player mode or race against your friend in Multiplayer mode.

There are 3 amazing tracks including Zandvoort Speedway, Monsanto Speedway, and Pedralbes Speedway. These tracks are designed to provide an epic racing experience with several twists, turns, obstacles, ramps, and so on that you have to go through safely to reach the finish line. You can only go through those obstacles if you are good at mastering the speed. Racing at high speed is not always ideal.

Instead, you should know when to slow down and when to speed up to safely pass all obstacles. All the tracks are available already. You don’t have to reach the finish line first or collect coins to unlock the next track. Interestingly, on the way, you can collect some power-ups that can increase your speed or slow down the nearest racer.

These special items add an extra layer of excitement to the game and you also can find this feature in several racing games at 2player online. Make use of them to leave other racers behind and always be the lead of the race. The game also offers several cars for you to choose from. Select one of them and start the best race of your life. Have fun and make sure you explore more 2player car games such as Eg Mini Car and Extreme Runway Racing.

Who developer game? Xenolia developed this game.

Instruction to play:


P2: arrow keys.