Stick Duel: Battle Hero

Welcome to Stick Duel: Battle Hero at twoplayergames – one of the latest physics-based action-packed games that you don’t want to miss. Why? Because its gameplay will give you hours of fun. You can play this game alone in Single-player mode or double the fun with a 2-player mode where you can combat against your friend on the same device. So, what is its gameplay? It’s about a battle between 2 stickmen. You control one to jump and shoot at your enemies until he runs out of HP.

At that moment, you earn one point. To win, you have to get 5 points first. It can be said that the simplest strategy is the best one. You don’t have to defend yourself and attack your enemy at the same time. Right after you enter the battle, start shooting as you have never done before. It’s the most effective way to survive and win. It’s fun to compete against a rival controlled by a CPU but it will be many times more fun if your enemies are controlled by real players.

During the battle in this 2 player shooting game, there are a lot of weapons and special items for you to pick up such as shields, HP, guns, and more. If they are within your reach, pick up them immediately to gain advantages. By shooting non-stop at your rival and using those power-ups, you will find it much easier to win. Sometimes, it’s also based on your luck. Besides, be careful when you jump around because you may fall into the hot lava and so on. Enjoy it and other games such as Heads Mayhem and Tank War Ice Age.

Who developer game?

Stick Duel: Battle Hero was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, L to shoot and O to drop items.

Player 2 uses WASD to move, F to shoot and R to drop items.