City Car Stunt 4

City Car Stunt 4 is finally available at 2player with something more enjoyable and challenging than the previous sequels. You don’t have to play the previous 3 sequels to enjoy this version. Hit the Start button and there you go. So, you still have 2 game modes to enjoy. The first one is the Racing mode which offers 12 levels. Your main objective is to be in the top 3 to finish the current race and move to the next one. You will race against other racers controlled by the CPU. You also can play with your friend. If you choose to race against your friend, the screen will be split into 2 parts.

In Free Driving mode, you won’t race against anyone or even time. Just roaming around and collecting as many diamonds as possible. Your target is 200 diamonds. They are scattered around the map. Here, you are free to stunt, drift and conquer the ramps or go to the top of the buildings or climb up the hills. You can drive at a slow speed for sightseeing or satisfy your need for speed with high speed. You can also freely drive around with your friend on the same CPU.

Like other 2 player car games, you have the option to customize your existing car or buy a new one. In Garage, you can change the skin and color of your car as well as upgrade your car. You even can buy a new car with better stats of top speed, acceleration, brake power, and steering sensitivity. Have a great gaming time here and don’t forget to experience other fun games such as Mega City Stunts and City Car Stunt 3.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, N for nitro, B to look back,

Player 2 uses WASD to move, T for nitro, C to look back and R to restart.