Offroad Masters Challenge

For all of you who are confident with your driving skills and who love racing games, here is the latest challenge for you. Temporarily stay away from city roads or professional racetracks, and go to the mountainous areas to conquer offroad challenges in Offroad Masters Challenge at 2player online. Let’s see how can you deal with bumpy mountainous tracks. This game offers an amazing selection of offroad cars for you to choose from to show off your offroading driving abilities and each car has different features of strength, suspension, hold, and brake. You can upgrade those features to make your offroad car better.

There are 3 game modes including Career, Free, and Derby mode. The Career mode has 12 levels and each level requires you to reach the finish line as fast as you can. When you cross the finish line successfully, you can unlock the next level. On the track, you can see several checkpoints. You will respawn at the latest checkpoint if you die. While driving, make sure you keep checking the map to know where to go. You don’t want to get lost for sure.

The Free mode and Derby mode can only be playable by 2 players. While in the Free mode, you guys freely drive around, in the Derby mode, you guys will try your best to crush each other. Each time you make your opponent’s car explode, you get 1 point and you win if you get 5 points first. Good luck and if you look for more 2player racing games, here are the best choices for you Monster Truck Extreme Racing and Death Race Monster Arena.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

In Single mode: WASD or arrow keys to move, R to reset the car position, L for light, and C to change the camera angle.

In 2-player mode: 

Player 1 uses WASD to move, R to reset the car position, F for light, and C to change the camera angle.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, O to reset the car position, L for light, and K to change the camera angle.