Backflipper is an extremely sports games that promises to make you addicted in the future. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop performing amazing backflips has never been so fun and so safe. You get to control a character to make him or her jump and flip back in order to land on the next building’s rooftop. 

Land on your feet or your game will be over too soon. Collect coins on your way and make multiple backflips to unlock new characters, like Donald Trump or a T-Rex, and buy new locations. Too great, what are you waiting for, you don't participate in this game right now to experience the best.

Online game players can share this game with friends to relax after every hour of work or study stress. In addition, we also update the latest games for online players worldwide to participate in their free time like Sprinter Heroes and Parkour Block 3D at You will discover them and love this fight game.

Instruction to play:

User the mouse to play this game