The Zombie Dude

Play and have fun in this new action game and adventure based on the The Zombie Dude game from 2 Player Games Online. The mocker zombie that confronts the young adventurer asks him to fight evil zombies. Even though the explorer young guy doesn't comprehend most of what the zombie says, he resolves to fight the nasty zombies by keeping his pistol close by, and the adventure starts. On the one hand, the mocking zombie can carry and fling boulders due to its power, while the adventurous young guy kills the wicked zombies with his rifle and brain. The outcome of this unification is entirely dependent on you...

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Have a great game in!

Instruction to play:

Mocker Zombie: Move: "Arrow Keys" Shot: "L" Carry/Throw the Box: "K" Change Weapon: "U".

Young Adventurer: Move: "W,A,S,D" Shot: "F" Grenade: "G" Change Weapon: "Q".