Bullet Man 3D

This game-Bullet Man 3d you can really experience the bullet time. Bullet time gives us a so deep impression. You will become a good agent, you have to kill bad guys to protect your goals. When you shoot, you can see the bullet time, you can control the bullet's track.  

Use your gun to perfect your lethal accuracy and shoot at as many bad guys as possible. Challenging obstacles make it extra tricky to reach your targets, so aim before you squeeze the gun trigger and shoot away. For a complete mission, you must move bullet avoid the obstacle that you can shoot in the enemy.

Join your friends right now in the game to have the opportunity to solve puzzles with your best friend's intelligence. If the games leave you with a lot of impressions, get started and a few other similar game genres like DOP: Draw One Part and Dig It at https://2playergames.games/ 


Instruction to play:

Drag to control