Pizza Challenge

Pizza Challenge is not a challenge to find out who eats the most pizza. It’s about something different. And yes, just like other 2playergame online, this choice also offers 2 game modes for you to enjoy. The first one is 1-player mode in which your opponent is CPU and the other one is 2-player mode in which your opponent is your friend. Your main objective here is to grab as many pieces of pizza as you can to win. Pizza is the favorite food of many foodies and you are one of them. When you are starving, you don’t want to share, do you? So, don’t share.

This is for fun. Imagine that you and your friend go to eat pizza. And you guys will compete against each other to find out who gets the most pizza. Being faster than your opponent 5 times to win the game. So, a pizza is sliced into 8 pieces and after it’s cooked, it will be served. Right after it’s placed on the table, you have to quickly grab at least 5 pieces to win a round. It’s not a turn-based game; therefore, do not wait for your opponent to take action.

The pizzle is rotated around on the table. Make sure you grab a piece of pizza each time you reach out your hand. Missing a turn means you give your opponent a chance to grab one piece of pizza. This game is simple but addicting. It will keep you hooked for hours, especially when you play it with your friend. Have fun! And if you want to find other games for 2 players at girls games, we have some options for you such as Funny Food Duel and Sushi Chef.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Mouse or Player 1 uses W and Player 2 uses the up arrow key.