BoomCraft is a fun action game about bombing your opponents. This 2 player games online free offers 2 game modes including Player vs Player and Player vs Computer. You are brought to the Minecraft world in which instead of building or crafting something, you will join a battle where you have to defeat your opponent to survive. You can fight against CPU or your friend on the same device.

A match ends when there is only one survivor. Whomever your opponent is, at the beginning of each match, you have to blow up all blocks first to open your way. When the blocks are removed, you can collect 8 different power-ups including Add Health, Add Bomb Force, TNT+1, Add Speed, Freeze, Undead, Switch Positions, and Undead for 15 seconds. These items will boost your HP, and speed, give you more bombs, and so on. Pick up all of them to have more advantages over your opponent.

One of the best tips to defeat your opponent in this is to trap him at the corners. Block his way with bombs and blocks, so he can’t run away. However, it’s not easy to fool your opponent at all. Then, it can be said that to win a match, you also need luck. There are 2 game modes and 4 different maps for you to explore. Blow him up whenever you have a chance.

This game is simple but too good to keep you hooked for a long time. It’s best to play this game with your friend in Player vs Player mode. Be quick and smart to become the last survivor. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Stick Warrior Hero Battle.

Who developer game? BoomCraft was developed by emolingo games.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: WASD - Movement, T - Place TNT.

Player 2: Arrow Keys - Movement, P - Place TNT.