Money Movers Maker

The Money Movers series continue with a new episode called Money Movers Maker for all of you who love puzzle games, platformer games, and adventure games. This time, Big Brother and Little Brother have a new mission and they want you to join them. The goal of the game is to steal the money and escape safely without being caught by guards. Can you do it? Work with your friend or take action alone, it’s up to you. You guys have to go through a series of traps, a strict security system, and a group of guards. It’s not easy to steal the money. You need both wit and wisdom to complete this mission. You fail when one of two characters get caught by a guard or security system. Watch out for the laser beam.

When it’s green, you are safe but when it turns red, it means you are caught. You have to find the best way to break through a series of gates. Look at the color of the switches to activate the right gate and advance. Interestingly, if you fail, the current level won’t be restarted. You will be brought to a whole new stage. It is because the fan of this series continues to create new stages every day. It seems there are thousands of levels waiting for you to discover.

The special thing about this episode compared to other versions that you can find at 2player online is that it offers a feature that allows you to create your own level and share it with other players. You can design a level and customize it as you want. Sound awesome, doesn’t it? Don’t hesitate anymore. Start your mission right now and finish it before you check out other series games for 2 players such as Money Movers 2 and Money Movers 3.

Instructions to play:

Little Brother uses WASD to move and Big Brother uses arrow keys to move and Space to throw objects.

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Who developer game?

Agame developed this game.