Paper Fighter 3D

Two exciting game modes, a retro environment created from paper layers, and easy-to-learn control, these features are what you can find in the latest fighting game at 2 Player Free Online Games named Paper Fighter 3D. The intense and exciting matches promise to bring your joy.

There are 2 game modes for you to choose from including 1-player and 2-player. In 1-player mode, your rival is CPU while in 2-player mode, you can fight against your friend on the same device. Each of you controls a fighter. There are 3 matches in total and you have to win 2 out of 3 matches to gain victory.

To reach that goal, you have to kick and punch your opponent as fast as you can to knock him out. Speed is an important factor here. With only one move, you can win if you’re fast and accurate enough. When you have a chance to attack, keep throwing kicks and punches at your opponent. Don’t stop. If you stop, it means you give your opponent a chance to attack you.

The key point to win at 2 Player Free Online Games is to be fast and take action at the right time. When your opponent attacks you, you can move back to dodge. Besides, when your power bar is full, you can use the special strike to damage your opponent and make him lose more HPs than usual. It can be better to play with your friend rather than CPU. That’s all about this cool fighting game. Break a leg and make sure you explore other fun games such as Jelly Bros Red and Blue and SuperHero Fighters.

Have a great game in!

Instruction to play:

PLAYER 1: Move: "W,A,S,D" Punch: "F" Kick: "G" Special Attack: "R".

PLAYER 2: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Punch: "L" Kick: "K" Special Attack: "O".