Miami Car Stunt

Miami Car Stunt is a series of racing games on 2 player online games. In this series, High Speed Car Stunt is the maddest game. This two-player game allows participants to customize their vehicles. You may earn money by driving your chosen vehicle on hard courses. With this amount of money, you may purchase more sophisticated vehicles. You may enjoy yourself by destroying the wheels. Remember the labyrinth mode. You must play this mode, which is pretty entertaining.

We constantly update the latest games for players to join when having free time like 2D Car Racing. Different cars are discovered by you and under your control. Don't forget how to explore this new space with your own skills. Have a great game in!

Who developer game? Miami Car Stunt was developed by Xlab Game Studio.

Instruction to play:

Player 1: To Move: Arrow Keys; Camera Control: Press J, K, L; Boost: N; Respawn: P; Hand Brake: Space.

Player 2: To Move: W, A, S, D; Camera Control: C, V, B; Boost: F; Respawn: TAB; Hand Brake: Left Shift.