Red and Blue Adventure

Series Red and Blue keeps continuing with a new episode named Red and Blue Adventure. Are you ready to go with them? Here, you are their helper. Your mission in this 2player game online is to help them reach the door at the end of each level. Unlike other versions of this series, this option is mainly about jumping. Two characters have to jump a lot to overcome a series of obstacles. Time your tap or click to make them jump over the deadly traps and land safely.

Jumping at the right time to is key to success. You don’t have to clear each level within a certain amount of time. So, do not rush. Spend your time timing each jump. Running and jumping at high speed always bring you excitement and satisfy your need for speed but this can put you at risk. Sometimes, you can speed up but sometimes, you should slow down.

Like previous versions of the series that you can find at, this game is for 2 players. However, you can play this game alone because two characters don’t need to move at the same time. It means you can lead each character to the finish line in turn. However, remember that the game ends right away if only one of two characters hit an obstacle and die. You can see a lot of red and blue diamonds on each level.

The blue character collects the blue diamond and the red character collects the red one. No need to collect every single diamond. Keep this in mind because sometimes, when you too focus on picking up diamonds, you will make mistakes. Enjoy your time here and in other choices such as Red and Blue Red Forest and Ugi Bugi & Kisiy Misiy.

Who developer game? Red and Blue Adventure was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

Arrow keys and WASD.