Red and Green 3

Red and Green is back in another chapter of the Red and Green adventure series game and this is their third journey of collecting candies. It will be awesome if you go with them. In Red and Green 3, the gameplay and controls are the same as in other chapters of the series. Your objective is the same as well which is to help Red boy and Green boy collect candies and reach the exit to go home.

This 2player games adventure game offers 10 levels with increasing difficulty. That’s right. As you advance, the journey of these two boys becomes much more challenging. You will deal with a lot of deadly obstacles such as spikes or lasers. Besides, look at the color of the obstacles. If an obstacle is red, it means it’s safe for the red boy. If an obstacle is green, it means the green boy is safe when he touches it. So, do you know how to complete a level? Here are two of the best options for you Red and Green Candy Forest and Red and Green 2 Candy Forest.

Well, The red boy has to collect every single red candy while the green boy has to collect all green candies. Only when all candies are collected, does the door open. Furthermore, they have to reach the exit, but they don’t need to get it at the same time. That’s why you also can play this game on your own without a friend.

You can lead them to the target one by one. However, your journey will be better if you accompany your friend. That’s all about this cool game. If you are looking for more awesome games, you always know that you can find tons of them at Action Games, don’t you?

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Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

WASD + R and arrow keys + O. Mobile Touch.