Duo Apple Monsters

Duo Apple Monsters is an enjoyable adventure platform game that takes you to the Appleton world. The citizen here needs your help to save the Appleton world from the evil sorcerer Morula. The darkness is coming. You are here to team up with Green Apple and Red Apple to save their world. What you need to do is to help your teammates collect every single green apple and red apple through 13 levels. By doing that, they can defeat Morula and bring peace back to Appleton.

So, this is another game for 2 players at two player games online. However, if you can’t find someone to embark on this adventure with you, you can play alone, even though it can be harder to finish each level. You can control 2 characters by yourself because these characters don’t have to move at once. To finish each level and move to the next one, Green Apple has to collect all green apples and Red Apple has to collect all red apples.

Once every single apple is collected, the door will open and they can go through the door and start a new journey. However, two characters have to reach the door within a given time. If time runs out, and they still haven't finished the apple-collecting mission, that level should be restarted.

The difficulty level of the game will increase gradually with each level. Two characters will face more deadly traps and obstacles. If one of them hits an obstacle, two of them will have to start that adventure from the beginning. Have a great journey with them and you can embark on new adventures in other 2playergames adventure games such as Red And Green 5 and Red and Green 6 Color Rain.

Who developer game? TÜLEK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Girls move WASD and Male move arrow keys.