Blue and Red Ball Game

There are a lot of adventure games about Blue Ball and Red Ball. They have the same characters and their adventures are definitely different. This time is no exception. Here in Blue and Red Ball at 2playergame online, you will join a team with a red ball and a blue ball in an amazing adventure. 

They are finding a key to unlock the door and keep their journey going to the next level. They will jump and run through the dangerous forest filled with deadly obstacles and enemies. If one of them dies, the current adventure must be restarted. Two characters mean 2 players. Yes, it’s true. You can play this game with your friend on the same computer. However, you also can enjoy the game on your own. Because two characters don’t have to move at the same time, you can lead them one by one like as Duo Apple Monsters. On the way to the final destination, you can see a lot of coins and stars. Don’t leave them behind. Collect coins and stars. 

You need at least one star and a key to finish a level while coins are used to unlock new skins for two balls. Time your jump to pass every single obstacle and lead two balls to the safe place. If any coins out there can put you at risk, just ignore them and move ahead. You don’t need to collect all the coins on the map. New skins don’t give you any special effects or abilities. What more are you looking for? Start your adventure now and don’t forget to embark on new journeys in other adventure games like as Red And Green 5 and Drac & Franc.

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Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

WASD and arrow keys. *Double Jump available *Mobile Touch Control.