Stickman Brothers Nether Parkour

Stickman Brothers Nether Parkour is an attractive platform, parkour, and adventure games that brings you to the Nether dimension in which you will meet 4 stickman brothers. They are in trouble. They are trapped in the land of the dead. Could you help them escape safely? You can free them on your own or with your friend on the same device. There are 4 characters. Then, if you play with your friend, each of you will control two characters by switching them. They don’t need to walk at the same time. You can lead one by one without any problems.

However, if one of them dies, that level should be restarted. Your mission here is to help each stickman collect every single box of their own color and reach the portal. If one of them leaves even one box behind, the mission isn’t clear. You have to lead him to return and pick up the box. It’s not easy to survive in a world of danger. These stickman brothers will have to go through a series of obstacles and jump over a lot of gaps to reach the portal.

Besides, the difficulty increases as you advance just like what you have experienced in other level-based games at 2player games. It becomes harder and harder to lead them to go through all dangers safely. So, one of the best tips to succeed is to move slowly and time every single action. Only one little mistake can make you start over. This is a rare game that offers 4 characters and 4 characters can be controlled by 1 player or 2 players. If you know any game like that, let us know, and make sure you check out other 2playergames action games such as Red And Green 5 and Stickman Huggy Escape.

Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

WASD and arrow keys, mouse to switch characters.