Darts 501 and more

Darts 501 and more will give you a realistic and addicting dart-throwing experience. This two player games offers 3 different game modes for you to explore. The first mode is 501 Darts. It’s also called World Championship mode. Here, you will choose your favorite team, then you compete against an opposing team in each round. The rules of this mode are easy to understand. You start with 501 points, and you have 3 darts each turn. The points will be remained or be deducted depending on your performance.

The first player to reach zero wins. If you score below zero, the score is reset to what it was at the start of that turn. The last dart doesn’t have to land in the double ring or bull. If you have only 5 points left, you have to throw the dart at the 5-point area. Do you have what it takes to bring the dart champion cup home? The second mode is the 9 Dart Challenge. All you need to do here is to score as many points as possible with 9 darts.

The last game mode of this 2 player sports games is the 2-player mode in which you can compete against one of your friends on the same device. Whatever mode you choose to play, remember that the outer ring gives you double points. The inner ring gives you triple points. And the bullseye gives you the highest point. However, throwing a dart at the bull or bullseye is a challenge. You have to practice a lot. It’s also based on your luck.

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Who developer game? Darts 501 and more was developed by deusx.com.

Instruction to play:

Controls: Mouse or finger swipe to throw.