Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine

Welcome to a beautiful but dangerous pixel world where Steve and Alex are waiting for you on a new adventure. In this platformer game at 2 player games online free, you and Steve, and Alex embark on an adventure. However, it’s time to go home. Help them go home safely. It’s not easy at all but you can do it if you believe in yourself. This game is for 2 players. One player controls Alex and another one controls Steve but you can play it alone and control both characters as well.

Two characters don’t need to move at the same time. You can lead one by one to the exit. As soon as two characters reach home, that level is clear and the new one will open. Before reaching home, Alex and Steve have to deal with a lot of deadly obstacles and enemies. If one of them dies, you have to restart that level. Enemies are dangerous but you can defeat them by jumping on their heads.

Like other level-based games at 2 player action games, the challenging level won’t be the same from the first to the last level. You will feel the difficulty increases after each level. It means the three of you will deal with more obstacles and enemies. The way back home becomes more challenging. However, you don’t need to clear each mission within a given time; therefore, take your time. Watch out for all threats and move carefully to keep them safe until they reach home.

Don’t forget to collect coins on the way even though those coins aren’t used for nothing. So, you don’t need to collect all of them. Have a safe adventure and new journeys are waiting for you in other games such as Zombie Bros In Frozen World and Money Movers 2.

Who developer game? Pixi Steve Alex Herobrine was developed by FBK.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses WASD to move and player 2 uses arrow keys to move.