Mahjong Battles Egypt

Mahjong Battles Egypt is a mahjong puzzle game available on 2playergames for free online. This traditional mahjong game has a turn-based system, a 2-player option, and an Egyptian-themed layout. When it's your turn, you may draw a matching set of tiles. If a tile is open in all directions, you may draw it. Each set is worth the face value indicated. Make more money than your rival does to get the upper hand. It's just you and a computer opponent in a single combat. During hot seat, you and a buddy may play a game on the same system. Throughout the course of a campaign, you will face off against a large number of computer-controlled opponents.

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Key Features:

1. Single Duel: Play against the computer.

2. Campaign: A group of players with different minds.

3. Hotseat: Play with a friend on your device. When you play a single duel or a campaign, there will be 3 modes.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or touch-input to get the pair of cards when the turn indicator is on your side.