Money Movers 2

Money Movers 2 is finally available at This time, what will Money Movers brothers do? They succeeded in escaping from prison and they are having a free life. However, one day, they received a letter from their father and their father wants them to help him escape from the prison. As his sons, Money Movers brothers certainly can't ignore it. They got a plan to rescue his father but they need your help.

Here, you will lead them to break into every single room of the prison to find their father. There are 2 characters but you can enjoy the game alone. To clear each level, teamwork plays an important role. Sometimes, they need to carry each other to climb to a higher place, and sometimes, one of them has to press and hold the button to activate the gate or something like that to advance. They need to work together to reach their final goal.

This 2 player games offers 20 levels. And they can find their father in the last level. Revisiting the prison that they have escaped successfully isn’t a challenging mission for them. They all know the prison but they still need your help to take action faster and more accurately. They’re smart but without you, they can’t solve the puzzle. A level is clear when both characters stand in front of the elevator. They don’t need to reach the exit at the same time.

Besides helping their father escape, don’t forget to collect the big bags filled with gold coins, even though coins won’t be served for any purposes. Have fun in the prison and hopefully, you can help them reunite outside the prison. Enjoy other cool games such as Money Movers and Try to survive 2 player.

Who developer game? Money Movers 2 was developed by Agame.

Instruction to play:

WASD and arrow keys.