Zombie Mission 13

Zombie Mission 13 takes you to a completely different world universe from other sequels of the Zombie Mission series. Yes, this popular series continues with the 13th episode and here, you will travel to the world inside a magical book where the evils are trapping your princess. Your mission this time is to rescue the princess and bring her back to the normal world. So, the same as other Zombie Mission episodes that you can play at two player games site, you can do this mission alone or with your friend on the same device. 

There are 20 levels in total with some levels in which you face the bosses. In each level, all you have to do is to rescue the magical creatures, collect gems and save all hostages while killing zombies, then you reach the exit to move to the next stage. By the way, you don’t have to kill all zombies but you should because they threaten your life. They can approach close to you to attack you or attack you from afar. When getting attacked, you lose HP. However, you can collect a med kit to recover your health. 

During the journey, you can collect a lot of weapons and you switch weapons whenever you want. Besides, you can upgrade your weapons using coins you collected in your adventure. This is an incredible adventure and you will encounter enemies you have never dealt with. Be ready to welcome some unexpected things. Good luck and don’t forget that tons of exciting 2playergames zombie games are waiting for you here such as Zombie Mission X and Idle Zombie Guard.

Who developer game?

RHM Interactive developed this game.

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Instruction to play:

Player 1 uses WASD to move, C to attack, holds C and release for a mega-hit, V for grenades, X to reload, Q-E to switch weapons, and Q+E for special attacks.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, L to attack, holds L and releases for a mega-hit, K for grenades, J to reload, O-P to switch weapons, and O+P for special attacks.