Rock Paper Scissors

What is Rock Paper Scissors game? Have you ever played this game before? I bet that you have tried it before. It’s usually played to decide who goes first in some games or activities. Today, at 2player game online, you will join a battle in which you throw a rock, paper, or scissors to win over your opponent. You can play it alone and your opponent will be the CPU or compete against your friend on the same device and even challenge other online players.

With the Globale mode, you name yourself first, then you can join an available room or create a new room. Choose one mode and start the battle now. Win or lose a match, it mostly depends on your luck. You can’t plan a specific strategy to deal with your opponent. You can only guess what hand signal will your opponent throw next. Yes, guessing is your only plan. There are 5 rounds in a match and if you get 5 points first, you are the winner, and vice versa.

This is a simple but enjoyable game that you can play for free at 2 player action games. Give it a try and it won’t let you down. Here, the rules are easy to understand. There are 3 hand signals rock, paper, and scissors. In each round, you choose one hand signal including a fist for the rock, a flat hand for the paper, and finger index and middle finger for scissors. As you may know, Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, and Paper covers rock. If you and your opponent throw the same hand signal, it’s a tie. It’s simple, isn’t it? Have fun here and enjoy your spare time in other exciting games such as RPS Exclusive and Craft Punch 2.

Who developer game? Rock Paper Scissors was developed by Code This Lab srl.

Instruction to play:

Use mouse on desktop or touch on your mobile device.