Red and Green 2 Candy Forest

Adventure games are always something special for players to enjoy. That’s why here at 2Player Action Games, we always update our site with the best adventure games for all the fans, and this time, welcome you to Red and Green 2 Candy Forest. Perhaps, you are too familiar with Red boy and Green boy, aren’t you? They appear in a lot of adventure games and now, they are embarking on a new journey. They will be really happy if you join them. So, all you need to do here is to help them collect every single candy in the forest and go home safely.

The door to the house only opens when all candies are collected. There are two characters. It means you can control both characters or play game with your friend and each of you controls one character. Collecting candies is not an easy mission because Red boy and Green boy will have to overcome a lot of obstacles. To complete a level, Red boy has to collect all red candies and Green boy has to collect all green candies. Good luck and here on our site, tons of other 2 player online games are waiting for you to explore such as Red And Green 5 and Red and Green Candy Forest.

Remember that Red boy can go through the red water while Green boy can go through the green water. If they walk into the water that has a different color to them, they die and when one of them dies, that level must be restarted. With increasing difficulty over level, they and you will deal with more challenges. So watch out for every move you take to make sure that they are safe. Give them a try and stay tuned for upcoming additions.

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Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.

Instruction to play:

WASD and arrow keys.