Stick Fighter 3D

Stick Fighter 3D is a fun and addicting action-packed fighting game with great 3D neon-colored graphics and cool gameplay at 2playergames. It offers 2 game modes including 1-player and 2-player modes, and in both modes, your ultimate goal is to knock out your opponent to become the winner of every single match you join. You can combat against CPU or one of your friends on the same device.

Whatever modes you choose to play, just kick and punch your opponent until he runs out of HP. You should combine well between attack and defense. Move back when your opponent attacks and attack continuously to stop your opponent from getting any chance to fight back. Each fighter has a special attack bar. When this bar is filled, you guys can activate the special attack that makes the opponent loses a lot of HP. If you can make use of this special attack, you can change the tile of the match even if you almost lose.

Here at, win or lose is all up to you. You won’t get help from any power-ups. Just kick and punch your opponent at the right moment to damage him. Watch out for your opponent. Don’t let him get a chance to use the special attack. In the beginning, you may lose several times. After playing a few times, you will gain experience and will know how to knock out the opponent with your skillful moves.

Surely, the opponent is a real person who will make the game more thrilling and interesting, but don't despise the CPU opponent because of that. The CPU is a strong opponent. Break your leg and have fun. Check out other cool games such as Stick Warrior Hero Battle and BoomCraft.

Who developer game?

Stick Fighter 3D was developed by Hihoy.

Instruction to play:

Blue player: Uses WASD to move, F to punch, G to kick and R to use a special attack.

Orange player: Uses arrow keys to move, L to punch, K to kick, and O to use special attack.