Red and Blue Cats

Who loves adventure? You? Then, get ready for a new adventure game with two lovely kittens in Red and Blue Cats. They will discover a dungeon filled with monsters and deadly traps but because of that, they look forward to this journey even more. Besides, since you'll be going with them, they don't have to worry about this trip at all. So, your main objective is to guide them through all dangers until they reach the door to move to the next room of the dungeon. Two cats have to run and jump to pass every single obstacle. It’s hard because too many dangers stop their way.

The key to success is to time your action. Make them jump at the right time to avoid falling into any obstacles or crashing into any monsters out there. Rushing is not a good idea even though running toward the exit can give you a more exciting experience and feeling. However, running at full speed also can put you at risk. Each cat has only one life. If one of them dies, the level is failed.

Like other games for 2 players, this game also gives you 2 options. You can control both characters or go adventuring with your friend on the same device. A level is complete when two cat reaches the exit safely. Most likely you will confuse 2 things in the game. It's diamonds and monsters. You may confuse them. Remember that the green ones are diamonds and the moving blue ones are monsters from whom two cats have to stay far away. Have a safe journey and other adventures are waiting for you at 2 player online games in some awesome games such as Blue and Red Ball Game and Red and Blue Red Forest.


WASD and arrow keys.

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Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.