Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing

Mouse 2 Player Moto Racing challenges your skills in the trickiest and wackiest tracks that you have ever experienced. Yes, you can’t find many weird tracks like that in other moto racing games out there and at 2playergames. Who will be the fastest mouse? Race against 3 racers and win all 10 levels of the Single-player mode or race against your friend on the same computer in 2-player mode. It’s your choice.

There are 4 racers in a race and you can only unlock the next race by finishing first. If you are in 2, 3, or 4 places, you have to restart that level. As mentioned previously, the racing tracks in this game are tricky and wacky. You may get confused to find the right direction to the finish line. Try to observe to find the direction arrows and follow them to the finish line. If you ride the wrong way, you will get an alert. At that moment, you have to turn back.

Unlike other motorbike games at in which your vehicle may be exploded when it falls or crashes into something, here when you cause an accident, you are fine but you lose so much time and your rivals will make use of that accident to pass you and leave you behind. So being careful right from the beginning is important. While racing, you will pick up some items. Make use of them and boost them to speed up. Don’t give up if you lose.

You can consider the first attempt to survey the track. Have fun and make sure you check out other enjoyable games on our site such as Crazy 2 Player Moto Racing and 2 Player Moto Racing.

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Instruction to play:

Player 1: Uses arrow keys to ride and steer, N to boost, Space to use items, and K to restart.

Player 2: Uses SFED to ride and steer, SHIFT to boost, Z to use items, and R to reset.