Red and Green 4 Summer

Here is summer. Nothing is better than going to the beach and having fun there. Red boy and Green boy are now on the beach and they are waiting for you to embark on a new adventure under the sun in the summer days. Red and Green 4 Summer is the next chapter of the popular adventure series called Red and Green. You may have met these two guys in other chapters.

This time, they will find candies on the beach. This is a beautiful but dangerous beach. A lot of candies, as well as deadly traps, await you here. The same as the previous chapters of the series, to complete a level, you will help them to collect all candies and lead them to the door opened after all candies are picked up. This is another 2 player games at Action Games. However, you also play the game alone because these two characters don't need to move and reach the destination at the same time.

You can lead them one by one to the target points but as you know, your gaming experience will be much better if you accompany someone in your family or friend. Watch out for the rock pools and other obstacles. If one of them falls down the rock pool or hits an obstacle, the mission fails, and restarting the level is what you should do next. How much time do you need to complete 6 levels? Try your best and get ready for new adventures of the red and green boys in new chapters of the series. While waiting for them, you can check out the following 2playergames adventure games: Red and Green Candy Forest and Red and Green Christmas.

Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.

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Instruction to play:

Arrow keys and WASD.