Castel Wars

You can call Castel Wars a defense game, a battle game, or a shooter game that can be playable by 2 players on the same device. Here, you control your retro-pixel hero to defeat your enemy and protect your castle. There are two game modes in total. Each mode has 4 levels. The first one is the 2-player mode in which you battle against your friend on the same computer. Within 170 seconds, your ultimate is to get more scores than your opponent by killing him or her several times.

Before starting a match, you can set the game time and weather conditions as you want. The second one is Zombie mode in which you won’t directly attack your opponent to win. Instead, you have to defeat more zombies than your opponent to win the game.

You can choose a difficulty level among Easy, Medium, and Hard. However, you should start this 2-player action game at an Easy level. By doing that, you can practice, and get familiar with the gameplay and controls at the same time. You even can place bricks to build something that can stop your enemy’s attack. Think about the structure to protect yourself. Did you see something fly past you in the sky?

A mysterious guy will fly pass you and drop some items that can be new weapons or HP-recover potions and so on. Collect those items whenever you can to get the advantage over your enemy. Check out 4 maps offering different gaming experiences. Have fun! After that, tons of amazing games are waiting for you at Such as Castel Wars Modern and Castel Wars Middle Ages.


Player 1 uses WASD to move and E to attack.

Player 2 uses arrow keys to move and P to attack.

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