Stickman Sports Badminton

Stickman Sports Badminton

Date added: 26/03/2021

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Stickman Sports Badminton is new action games at 2playonline games. Different Stickman characters meet in Stickman Sports Badminton game! 

The game will give you a good badminton experience with its realistic ball physics. 

At the same time, the boosters for the game (big racket, fireball, faster) and some negative bonuses  (slowly) increase the fun. 

You can play the game for 1 Player or 2 Players. There are "Normal" and "Hard" game modes when playing against the CPU. You can choose the number of sets in the game as 5,7 or 9. Show who is the better badminton player now!

Enjoy this game and check out other games for free whenever you want on our site. Some of the best options are Micro Tanks and Save Me Now.

Game controls:

PLAYER 1 Move / Jump : "W,A,S,D" Swing Racket : "SPACE" PLAYER 2 Move / Jump : "ARROW KEYS" Swing Racket : "M"

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