Fist Bump

When you greet or congratulate your friends, sometimes, you do a gesture called a fist bump, don’t you? This gesture is a way to say hello or to show agreement. However, in Fist Bump at 2player games, things are different. Here, this isn’t a friendly gesture anymore. Instead, it shows your strength, your power. You bump your fist into your opponent’s fist to defeat him. It’s a turn-based fight to find out the winner and who has a stronger punch. You have two game modes to enjoy. One is Player vs CPU in which your opponent is controlled by the computer and the other is Player vs Player in which you fight against your friend on the same device.

So, do you see a meter that has different levels with different colors? It shows the power of your punch. You have to time your tap or click when the indicator hand comes to the green level. It means you will attack your opponent with the most powerful punch. The more powerful your punch, the faster and easier you can defeat your rival. You guys take turns attacking. A match ends when one of you runs out of HP.

This game doesn’t offer any power-ups or upgrades. It's all decided by the moment you tap or click on the screen. To win, you also need a little bit of luck. You can defeat your opponent with a few punches if you can stop the indicator hand in green. This game becomes more exciting when you enjoy it with your friend. Believe us, it will keep you hooked for a long time just like other 2 player action games on our site such as Extreme Hand Slap and Rock Paper Scissors.

Who developer game? Happy Kid Games developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Mouse or Touch.