Dirt Bike Racing Duel

Dirt Bike Racing Duel is one of the latest games at 2 Player Games Free Online that has beautiful 3D effects and animations, easy controls, and enjoyable gameplay. Don’t hesitate to explore its features. Let’s start your journey through seven continents in the world right now.

Ride your bike through different countries and conquer the most challenging riding tracks there. So, there are 20 stages for you to play including 7 available stages and 13 locked stages. It means you can freely play any of those 7 stages without having to play them in order. However, you have to finish those 7 stages and earn enough stars to unlock level 8 onwards.

Your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line without crashing. When you fly in the air and fail to land, your dirt bike will explore. At that moment, there will be two cases. The first one is you have to restart that level and the second one is you can continue your journey from the latest checkpoint.

Here at 2player motorbike games, to gain 3 stars in each stage, you have to reach the finish line as fast as you can. There is no limited time but time is counted. You can see how much time you spent finishing a level at the end of each stage. After crossing the finish line successfully, you will get some coins and you can use coins to unlock a better bike or upgrade your existing bike in the shop. Besides the 1-player mode, you can race against a friend in the 2-player game mode. It would be more exciting.

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Who developer game? Dirt Bike Racing Duel was developed by RHM Interactive.

Instruction to play:

PLAYER 1: Gas/Brake: "W,S" Balance: "A,D".