Killer Brothers Shoot

Killer Brothers Shoot is one of the most challenging games that you may have ever experienced at 2 Player Shooting Games. Because it doesn't follow any laws of physics. Here, you will go hunting with two bouncing brothers. Why call them bouncing brothers? That’s because when you tap or click on the screen, they will shoot and bounce instead of moving or jumping. It seems that you can't control anything in the game from the character to the shooting action. You can’t aim and shoot directly at the target. It’s all up to your luck to kill monsters.

A level is complete when two monsters are killed. Each character has to kill one monster. You can switch between two characters or play the game with your friend on the same computer and each one controls a character. Right from level 1, you may find the game insanely challenging. Two brothers keep hopping up and down in all directions. Sometimes, when they are bouncing, you should stop shooting and wait until they stop bouncing so that you can succeed in defeating monsters. Sometimes, you should keep shooting until the monster gets shot. It’s hard to tell what is the best tip here.

It can be said that the more you play, the more experience you gain to finish each level. You have nothing to make use of to complete the mission. This game doesn’t offer new weapons, upgrades, or special items for you to finish each mission easier. You will find the most effective solution by yourself over level. Good luck and don’t forget to explore other cool 2 player games such as Archer vs Archer and NoobWars.


Who developer game?

FBK developed this game.

Which games are similar to this game?

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Instruction to play:

*Click to shoot! or tap with your finger

*Wherever you shoot, you move in the opposite direction.

*Move according to the tab of the gun

*Click the switch button to switch players