Try to survive 2 player

Sometimes, a simple game can make you hooked for hours due to its simplicity and if you are looking for such a game, Try to Survive 2 Player is a perfect option for you among thousands of options at 2 player games for free. As its name, your ultimate goal is to survive as long as you can in both game modes including Single Mode and 2-Player Mode. The only difference between 2 game modes is that you compete against another player on the same device in the 2-Player mode. You and your opponent, who will last longer?

Your character auto-jumps and all you need to do is to help him avoid various deadly obstacles like thorns, bombs, fireballs, and arrows. Yes, your character is being attacked by several obstacles at once and he must jump around to avoid them. If he gets hit by one obstacle, the game ends and you have to restart the game. Whether the game is over sooner or later, it’s up to you. Over time, everything becomes more challenging as your character will be attacked by more obstacles.

Here, this won’t give you anything special to help you avoid obstacles easier or protect you from deadly traps. Try to survive and earn as much money as you can to unlock new skins for your character, even though these skins have nothing special but it makes the game refreshing. Set a record for each game you play and break it later.

Enjoy your free time here and make sure you test yourself in new challenges in other games such as TNTcraft and Minicraft: Steve And Wolf Adventure. Do you know what? New additions will come every day. Do you want to be the first one who plays them? Have fun!

Who developer game? Try to survive 2 player was developed by kbvpneofit.

Instruction to play:

On the phone using the on-screen buttons.

On PC: 1 player - Arrow keys and 2 player - WASD.