Zombie Mission 7

Zombie-killing zombies must go on. Zombie Mission 7 has come to 2player and it’s waiting for you with a new mission. In this brand new 7th sequel, what you have to do is the same as the previous episode of the series which is to rescue survivors and get back stolen floppy disks. Zombies are planning to invade the underground, the Earth, and space. Your team has wiped out zombies from the Earth and no, they are flooding into space.

This time, you and your friend will go to space through 20 levels that include 3 big bosses to rescue survivors and kill zombies. In each level, you have to save a certain number of survivors and get a specific number of floppy disks. A level is clear only when all survivors are rescued and every single floppy disk is collected, and you guys reach the exit. You are better to shoot at zombies from afar. Don’t let zombies approach you too close because you may get attacked. They can come close to you to attack or attack you from afar. Kill them before they kill you.

Besides, your life is also threatened by deadly traps. Watch out for those obstacles to keep yourself safe even though you still have several chances to recover your health. You can collect a lot of weapons on the map and you can switch weapons whenever you want. You even can throw grenades to make zombies explode. If your teammate is busy and he can’t do this mission with you, you can try it on your own. It’s much more challenging but you can do it for sure. Enjoy it and other 2player shooter games such as Zombie Mission 5 and Zombie Mission 6.

Who developer game? RHM Interactive developed this game.

Instruction to play:

Player 1 presses WASD to move, F to hit/shoot, G to throw grenades, Q-E to switch weapons.

Player 2 presses arrow keys to move, K to shoot/hit, K to throw grenades, O-P to switch weapons.